We can supply and pearl a range of truck wheels using quality brands like VIP. All you need to do is email us your truck details being the make and year, fixed or adjustable column along with the type/style of wheel you would like to purchase. We will then press on the hub to suit plus pearl the wheel in the colour of your choosing. Our Gallery/Wheels for Sale will help you with your selection. You are also more than welcome to send us your wheel for restoration and pearling. The price will depend on the style/type along with the condition of your wheel.


Prior to sending us your steering wheel, probably the best starting point is to e-mail us some photos of the proposed wheel, in this way we can ascertain what is required and an idea of costs can be gained. In our niche business, we enhance or customize your original steering wheel, using our silver pearl or marble finishes, tinted to your colour requirements. In this way you can use your “artistic license” and turn your steering wheel into something really special! This also gives you the opportunity to have an original type of steering wheel and put your own particular stamp on it.

We are not “recasters”

All of our work is completely hand built and applied using a very durable pearl resin which is between 0.5ml to 1ml in thickness and also has a wonderful look and feel to it. The finish is far superior to any of the usual “bog and paint” restorations. Ours is a time honoured craft which involves a progression of hand applied applications.

Frequently asked questions

Can I send my Steering wheel to you?

Within Australia most wheels are sent by Australian Post, however it is always a good idea to register your parcel, as we do, on its return to you.

For our overseas customers, please contact us to enquire about customs and shipping protocol. We ship from this end via Australia Post International Express Courier 2-3 days in transit and totally trackable door to door.

What sort of steering wheels?

Only hard surfaced wheels ie bakelite plastic or wood can be plasticised/encapsulated using our materials

We cannot plasticise soft or spongy wheels

Colour Matching, Chroming and Polishing

We can match most colours, either by a sample for eye match or given an automotive paint code and pigment our pearl resin to tone in or match interior or exterior colours.

All chrome/nickel work and polishing of alloy parts is outsourced.

Durability, Care, & Maintenance

Afford your newly restored steering wheel the same care you would give your car paint finish. Avoid contaminants, abrasives and solvents, also unnecessary prolonged exposure to strong sunlight. Polish with a soft cloth and occasionally if desired, a small amount of non-silicone car polish can be applied to the steering wheel.

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