An Australian family owned and run business

PearlCraft is a family owned/operated Australian business dedicated to delivering world class custom wheels to all corners of the globe.

Time honoured craft

All of our work is completely handcrafted using a very durable pearl resin which is between 0.5ml to 1ml in thickness which also has a wonderful look and feel.

Colour matching, chroming and polishing

We can colour match most colours, either by a sample for eye match or given an automotive paint code and pigment our pearl resin to tone in or match interior or exterior colours.

Daily driver to weekend cruiser, your pride and joy deserves a PearlCraft Steering Wheel!

Latest News

ATS’s latest Kenworth “Karma”
TTS wheel with Gold spokes in Midnight Black Pearl
FL Bluemels
FJ Bluemels completed in a Cream Marble
Latorre Transport
Directors Wheel in Emerald Green
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